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Live. Travel.


Make your own tales.


This Is Our Story


EvexiaTales is a team of skilled and trusted professionals sharing their knowledge and passion for travel and adventure with sophisticated travelers and inventive companies. Our goal is to create genuine experiences which will evolve into valuable memories worth to share.


We offer accommodation in exclusive houses, luxury car and boat rental services and organize a variety of activities in special destinations and unique landmarks, gems worth discovering. The key ingredients in our services are building strong relationships, loving the outdoor and exploring cultural diversity


Hiking on the mountains, running by the sea, diving, sailing the Aegean, tasting exquisite local cuisine, fine wines or listening to a rare piece of music… these are the things we invite you to discover. 


Contact us and let us make your holiday stories worth to tell.

What Makes Us Special

Local Expert Guides

Our services aim to an outcome of the highest standards from. Our hand-picked partners share the same passion for nature, travel and hospitality with us and are ready to fulfill your requirements. They are skilled, certified and trained to meet all health protocols.

Handpicked Adventures

EvexiaTales offers genuine experiences and create unique stories for you. Each one of our proposed tours is carefully studied and designed based on our own journeys with timed distances and tested endeavors. We know the best each place has to offer and we bring it up to you.

Hidden Gem Destinations

EvexiaTales believes that being in a new place and fully submitting to its originality and character is the true essence of travelling. For that we suggest you explore unknown destinations, secret beaches, hidden bays, charming villages full of light, tables set with authentic flavors and ancient traditions. Escape the ordinary and reach for the ultimate feeling of discovering sites that still breathe the air of untouched beauty.