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My tale.

Mountain Biking by the Lake

EvexiaTales was born from its founder’s passion for travel and everything that makes life extraordinary. After countless trips to the 5 continents and more than 70 countries by planes, automobiles, trains and all kinds of vessels, after encountering multiple cultures, traditions and values, George aims to cultivate enjoyment and enthusiasm for genuine experiences to worldly travelers though exploring selected areas in Greece. After working for 30 years in multinational companies in the field of food, beverages and catering, he is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge and expertise, putting the true meaning of hospitality into practice.


“The key ingredients in my own tales of evexia is building strong relationships, loving outdoor activities when exploring cultural ones. Hiking up the mountains, jogging by the sea, diving, sailing the Aegean, tasting exquisite local cuisine and fine wines, listening to a rare piece of music… these are the things I invite you to discover.”

George Lyras, EvexiaTales founder


Greece is a wonderful country with countless beauties and endless inspiration for any traveler. From the remote islands to the imposing mountains filled with wildlife, let's discover together these hidden gems. Leave behind everything ordinary and go for the ultimate feeling of exploring places that still breathe the air of their own authentic untouched beauty.

Choose one of our existing activities or contact us to create your own.

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